Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100. Go National - Got My One Good Eye On You

I wanted to do something special for the 100th review. Then someone on twitter said, why don't you do the first album Todd bought you>

May, 2006. I received a package in the mail from California. It was this CD, with a note that said Happy Mother's Day. It was from Todd. For reasons I won't bore you with, this meant the world to me. That's why this CD is special.

It's also special because it's so good. Go National is a perky little band fronted by Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds fame and his wife Allyson. The music is straight up pop rock with a hint of punk. It's fun and it's light, and though some of the lyrics can be a bit heavy I think that's part of its charm (like MTX) that they words can still say something heavy while the music keeps you grooving.

It's a good memory album because it's only associated with good times. I must have played this 10 times in a row while reading Todd's note over and over again. I played it on my way to the airport to pick him up and it played on my iPod as we flew to Sacramento. This is my happy place album. This is what I put on when I feel like stabbing the world in the face. But it's also what I put on when I'm in a glorious mood and want to bop my head along to something and soak up the feeling that the world is a wonderful place full of shiny, happy people and it's always spring and always warm and the sun is always shining and I'd like to teach the world to sing.

Listening to this also reminds me of driving past Kevin Seconds' house in Sacramento and going to his coffee house on K Street and then it makes me long to be back in that city. Sometimes I miss that place as if it were my home.

Favorite song: NYC
Kevin Seconds

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