Thursday, December 4, 2008

108. Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days

You know those messy breakups? The ones that leave you drained of every tear, the ones that make you feel like a 14 year old experiencing heartbreak for the first time, the ones where you are so very sure your world can not possibly go on without that person in your life?

When that happens, you take this CD into your bedroom. You turn off your phone, turn off the tv, close the blinds, and crawl into bed. Listen to this on repeat for 24 hours straight. During that time, smoke six packs of cigarettes, drink 2 bottles of gin and write dark, gothic poetry about how your life has no meaning. Think about how much each song means to you. Nod your head knowingly during Everything I Touch, sob in agreement during Sometimes it Hurts, punch the walls during The Thing I Hate and When I'm Dead and then when it all plays again and you get back to the dirge-like Drowning, throw the covers over your head and think that the only thing that makes you feel any better is knowing that somewhere out there, Chris Hall knows exactly how your black, bitter, broken heart feels.

When the 24 hours are up, take the CD out. Break it in two. Take the brooding poetry you wrote and set it on fire. Open the blinds, get dressed, get in your car. Put some Pantera in the CD player and then spend the next hour or so driving 100 mph down side streets, knocking over all your neighbors’ garbage cans and think that while this album served its purpose, now the best thing about it is the cover artwork. Get over your heartbreak. Get over yourself.

And never listen to this album again.

Favorite song: The Thing I Hate
Dave McKean - cover artist

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Rob said...

Bloody hell, you hit the nail right on the head with this one, Michele!

After listening to this CD for about a week during a particularly depressing period in my life, I did JUST that. I got rid of the CD, and then I went on a metal binge.

In fact, the first song you should listen to after the Darkest Days binge is over: Strength Beyond Strength. The Live 101-proof version, if possible.


Hellz yeah.