Wednesday, December 17, 2008

137. Crowbar - Odd Fellow's Rest

I thought I'd follow up CCR with a band that really is from the Bayou.

This is true, literal heavy metal. I mean heavy in a "walking through a sludgy swamp in dense fog while wearing shoes made of steel and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders" heavy.

Odd Fellow's Rest is an album to listen to in the darkest of times or in the angriest of moods. It's slow moving, in a trudging kind of way, and listening to it makes you feel as if you're in one of those dreams where you are trying to get away from a monster and you want to run, but your legs are moving so slow, you're doing a half crawl, half walk while this hideous monster gains on you.

It's in Kirk Windstein's deep, despaired, anger from the soul vocals. It's in the slow churn of bass. It's almost beautiful in an odd, disturbing way and as much as I love Odd Fellow's Rest, I can only listen to it in small doses, lest I venture back emotionally to what made me grab onto this sound in the first place.

Favorite song: Planets Collide (I really think this one of the heaviest song you will ever hear)
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Side note: The current guitarist for Crowbar is the son of Barry Gibb.

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Cullen said...

I prefer Down, but Crowbar is awesome too.

W/V: brice - something that sends Asian families to the store for RID.