Monday, December 15, 2008

132. South Park - Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

Let's face it; Christmas is not all Ho Ho Ho and holly jolly and good will toward men. Some of us get cranky around this time of year. Some of us, while we love the actual day of Christmas and while we love our families and gifting them with awesome presents and eating huge holiday dinners with them, sometimes the stress of the holidays get to us. Sometimes we are tired of hearing those damn jingling bells and we are tired of the Trans Siberian Orchestra and we have had it with malls and parking lots and the endless playing of Christmas carols.

And sometimes there is an endless stream of people just dropping by, wanting to share in the holiday spirit and spread some joy and ogle your awesome Christmas tree that nearly took three lives while decorating because the annual argument over ornament placement escalated into a war, and you don't want to entertain anyone, you don't want your kids coming into the living room every five minutes to tell you something else they put on their Christmas list, you don't want another call from your mother asking you what size slippers you wear, you don't want to hear your neighbor's animated, singing lawn decorations go off again, and that's when you put on this album, turn it up full volume and gather the family for a rousing chorus of Merry Fucking Christmas.

Favorite song: Christmas Time in Hell
South Park Spirit of Christmas


badkitty_ said...

Haven't heard it, but hey! Who couldn't love Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo? Any song named "Merry Fucking Christmas" is alright by me.

And congrats on the upcoming new website!

Otaku's Revenge said...

I love this CD! Word to the wise though: explaining what Kenny Says in "The most offensive Christmas song ever" may end friendships.

Solonor Rasreth said...

This is required listening at our house every Christmas.

"Oh holy night...the something, something, something..."