Friday, December 12, 2008

126. Fear - The Record

It's funny how so many people dismiss Fear as a bunch of noise. They probably never really listened to the music. Beneath the sometimes odd (Beef Bologna), sometimes angry (Let's Have a War) and sometimes funny (New York's Alright) lyrics there were some driving rhythms, air-guitar worthy licks from Lee Ving and damn good music.

It's a testament to the music that you really don't care what the band is singing about. Sure, the lyrics can be a bit offensive and you might not agree with a single word they are saying, but there's something so powerfully raw about the music, something that makes you want to shout "Let's have a war!" even though you really don't want to.

This is music that was made to piss people off. Not in a social commentary kind of way, but in a "I want to make you hate me" kind of way. Fear, living up to its name, certainly made people hate them, but they also separated the wheat from the chafe among my friends who claimed to love punk rock. You either embraced Fear, or you went on to become one of those people who later on would say "Punk rock died in 1979."

Favorite song: I Don't Care About You
John Belushi, SNL and Fear


Jim said...

I love Fear.

My favorite thing about Fear is that their lead singer, Lee Ving, became a hackey, 3rd rate sitcom actor. Hows that for hardcore?

steelopus said...

Funny, I always thought this was a Guns N' Roses song... I kid, I kid.

Though, I've got to admit, I'd always rather listen to Slash play.