Thursday, December 11, 2008

125. Love and Rockets - Express

Considering this band was made up mostly of former members of Bauhaus, they were surprisingly un-Bauhaus. Which is a good thing. Aside from the goofy novelty of Bela Lugosi's Dead, I never really liked that band or their moody, gothic poetry. Love and Rockets, while sometimes taking pieces of that goth sound, were more a beautiful conglomeration of a bunch of different sounds; they were part new wave, part dance sensibilities and part psychedelic, groovy tunes.

There are great songs on this album. Kundalini Express is a bizarre train ride with lots of power and a very strange vibe.It Could Be Sunshine starts out all new wave dance bit that builds up into a dark, post-punk love song with an abrupt ending.Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man is all 70's psychedelia acid trip. And All in My Mind was a great way to bring about a truce when road trip music fight broke out. We all knew the words, we all drummed out the rhythm, we all got a little louder during the "sometimes you really don't, really don't..." part and then when it was all over we got back to our punk v. new wave argument.

Favorite song: All in My Mind (at the moment. it changes)
Love and Rockets


Sigivald said...

Bauhaus had some pretentious lyrics, but the guitar work was great, and they were willing to go all experimental, which I like.

I mean, Dive? That's punk, is what that is.

Steve said...

Spot on.

And another request, if you haven't done this one already -- Daniel Ash's solo album "Coming Down." Pretty tasty stuff.