Tuesday, December 16, 2008

133. Korn - Follow the Leader

I liked this album before I hated it. I liked it for the hardness and I liked it because it made Korn come up with a great tour and I got to see Incubus and Rammstein and Ice Cube all in one night. I hated it because it ushered in a new era in metal, one in which the term nu-metal was born and gave birth to such wretched acts as Papa Roach and P.O.D. This was Korn's last decent effort before they got sucked up into the great lie of nu-metal.

I liked Korn before I hated them.

Every once in a while, when I'm in a certain mood, I'll pull this CD out. I can't listen to the whole thing anymore, but tunes like It's On and Dead Bodies Everywhere can still work me up into a frenzy if the timing is right.

Conversation I had with a friend while listening to this album:
"You're 36 years old, why are you listening to this crap?"
"Because it makes me feel like I'm 15."
"Name one good thing about being 15."
"No one told me I was too old to listen to anything."

Favorite song: Dead Bodies Everywhere
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Cullen said...

I liked this album before I hated it.

This. There was a time, mostly during the album preceeding this one, that it was a lot of fun to listen to Korn. It ended quickly.

Chris said...

I saw them live around the time "Life Is Peacy" came out. I was 24 and my youngest sister asked if I was the oldest person there.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't but I haven't listened to this band in a long time.

bran said...

I liked Korn before I hated them. They spawned the horror that is Limp Bizkit, a sin unforgivable. But I remember, rockin out until my ears bled when I was 17, and I went to see KMFDM/Korn. That's how I excuse the Korn discs hidden at the bottom of my collection.

"They rocked, on. They really did, I promise."

bran said...

"They rocked, ONCE" it should have said. Oy.

Jon Dunham said...

you make an extremely salient point. the great thing about being 15 is that you can literally listen to and watch and take in all things creative and musical, without fearing you're becoming a part of or leaving behind any sort of "scene." metal fans can be some of the most boorish, thick-headed, irritatingly opinionated and intolerant people on the planet, especially when it comes to music.

i still dig Follow The Leader from time to time, too.