Wednesday, December 10, 2008

123. Dick Dale - King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones

This is my happy music. When I need to find that happy, sunny place where everything is rainbows and fluffy bunnies and kittens, this is what I put on. It's instant sunshine on a winter day. It's "get up and dance" when I want to do nothing but crawl under the covers. Studies have proven that if Dick Dale is playing in my car, I am more likely to let you merge in front of me on the Expressway even though you clearly have no idea how to merge. I put this on my headphones at work because it makes a workplace incident less likely.

This is happiness in musical form. It's light and airy and makes me think of the beach, the sand and the surf and even though I'm really not a fan of beaches or sand and I've never been surfing and I never will, all those things are probably a hell of a lot better than where I am at any moment I'm looking for my happy place.

Favorite song: Misirlou
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fatherjack said...

next year, try surfing.

Cullen said...

Yes. Dick Dale is awesomely awesome. I rank him, Bill Doggett and Link Wray equals.

Miss Hiss said...

I love Dick Dale and Link Wray's style of surf guitar because, even though it is total "happy music," it is still edgy. It's like what the cool surf kids listen too at their parties after the sun goes down and the Beach Boys crowd goes home.

Timmer said...

You continue to amaze me. I didn't think you knew who Dick Dale WAS. My bad for stereotyping the East Coast.

Miss Hiss, you may bash the Beach Boys all you want...with the exception of Pet Sounds listened to on good headphones...because...I saw God.