Tuesday, December 2, 2008

98. MDC - Millions of Dead Cops

Take about ten hits of speed, mix it with a gallon of anger and a pound of pissed off adrenaline and then light it all on fire and stand in the flames. That’s how this album feels.

MDC is brutal. That’s the best way to describe it. High speed, blistering music with lyrics full of rage and anger. Dave Dictor and company pull no punches. They say what they mean. They take on everything that angers them - police brutality, corporations, homophobia, rednecks, John Wayne, capitalism - and pound their ideas into your head and gut in a straightforward way. Where other bands with this kind of stance rely on irony and subtle innuendos and clever wordplay to get their point across, MDC just puts their middle finger up right in your face and spits in your eye. Brutal. But awesome.

Favorite song: I Remember (mp3)
Which was featured in the movie American Hardcore

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