Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10. Angry Samoans - Back From Samoa

Back From Samoa clocks in at just under 16 minutes. That’s the whole album. 16 minutes. This whole album takes up less time than an intro to a Dream Theater song.

What can you do in 16 minutes? Hell, I can’t even cook dinner to this album because it’s over before I’ve even burned the chicken. And really, “They Saved Hitler’s Cock” is not the most appetizing music anyhow. Hell, the whole album is a crash course in offensiveness. And everything is played at this blinding speed and sung like a cocktail of espresso and speed was handed out in the studio, and you find yourself laughing at the lyrics and bouncing off the walls and the whole thing is like, well, you ever read those Captain Underpants books? They are stories full of fart jokes and toilet humor for kids, but for some reason teachers and parents still think it’s good literature. Back From Samoa is like Captain Underpants for punk rockers. You listen to it with a Beavis and Butthead grin on your face, but you know that underneath the whole idea of poking your eyes out with a fork, there’s some god damn good music there. It’s killing time! Todd killings!

Favorite song: Lights Out
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Anonymous said...

In some crazy part of my brain, I thought that when I became a responsible adult, a husband and a dad, I wouldn't like 'My Old Man's a Fatso" anymore. Wrong!

slickdpdx said...

He's beating off in Joan Jett's hair!