Friday, November 28, 2008

89. Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard in My Backyard

Like most people, the first song I heard off this album was Bitchin’ Camaro. As soon as I listened to the intro and heard them make fun of Crystal Ship - a Doors cover band I was once fond of seeing - I was hooked. I love music with a sense of humor. Especially stupid humor. Well, when the actual music part of Bitchin' Camaro kicked I knew I had to give the rest of the album a try and see if these guys were anything more than a novelty act.

I discovered there’s really more to the Milkmen than irreverent lyrics and haphazard songs like Camaro and Swordfish; they manage to get some pretty good lines off and make sense in tunes like Spit Sink and V.F.W. Big Lizard is a pretty well rounded album. If a band can make me laugh out loud and nod my head to the music at the same time, that’s a plus in my book. That I ended buying - and enjoying - all their subsequent albums takes the "novelty" out of their act.

Plus, all these years later, I still get a kick out of Bitchin' Camaro, Bitchin' Camaro, Tony Orlando an Dawn!

Favorite song: Bitchin' Camaro, of course
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