Monday, November 24, 2008

74. Joan Jett - S/T

I wanted to be Joan Jett. I wanted to look like her and dress like her and talk like her and be able to rock the fuck out like her. Then I grew up. And I still wanted to be her.

This was a tequila album. Meaning, you were in small, sweaty club and you just did about ten shots of tequila and you ask the DJ to put "Do You Want to Touch Me" on and suddenly you're standing on a table screaming out the lyrics and swinging your bra around and you end up doing some drunken version of dirty dancing with some guy you wouldn't normally get within ten feet of and in the middle of the dance you feel a hand slide up your skirt. I did want you to touch me. Just not...there.

This is one of those albums that will never go out of style for me. I have it on vinyl, cassette, CD and it's on my iPod for those days at work when I want to pretend I'm 18 and badass.

Favorite song: Do You Want to Touch
Joan Jett MySpace. She is still HOT.


Blue State Cowgirl said...

Sigh. Your reviews leave me feeling so uncool. I don't know half these bands. That's what you get for spending High School in Europe.

Don't suppose you'll be reviewing any Johnny Cash. Or Golden Earring. No kidding. Both were HUUUUGE in Germany in the 70s.

Solonor Rasreth said...

Joan Jett still kicks ass. We used to do her version of "Shout" as fast as we could play it.

I'm not exactly the shy type (anymore), but if I ever came into the presence of Joan Jett, I'd melt into a puddle of jelly at her feet.

red clay said...

she is still something live.
bad reputation still makes me drive reckless.