Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11. The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart

We picked up this CD at Amoeba Music in San Francisco on a whim when we needed something for the drive back to Sacramento. We ended up listening to nothing but Pawn Shoppe Heart for the rest of our time in the car on that trip, and it's been in constant rotation ever since.

If I had to describe this album to someone who never heard it before, I would say - imagine if Danzig and Sleater Kinney morphed into one band. Well, that was my first reaction. It's a bit garage punk, a bit punk, a lot of blues and pure rock and roll, in the vein of MC5. I love that they switch between male and female singing; it makes the album feel continuously fresh, no matter how many times you play it.

Pawn Shoppe Heart will forever remind me of driving around the streets of Sacramento, windows down, sun shining. It's a good enough reason in and of itself to enjoy the album; that's it's filled with kick ass songs gives me reason to love it.

Favorite song: No Regrets
The Von Bondies website


Cullen said...

You had me at Danzig and Sleater Kinney.

Will have to pick it up now.

margi said...

I was attracted to The Von Bondies because - my god. Killer name for a band, no?

The hook was in my lip for "C'mon."

I stayed for "Tell Me What You See."

I (heart) them. This is my mix of music. Hooky. Bounce in your living room.


I'm so glad I saw this one!

Ramon Johnson said...

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