Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5. Stooges - Raw Power

This is what destruction sounds like. Whether that’s self-destruction or not was the question of the day when this album came out. Was this a band falling apart or a band just getting it together? Guess it depended on who was listening. For a slew of future punk rockers who claimed Raw Power as an influence, this was a band that knew how to make destruction sound good. Iggy’s vocals are so tight, so intense and the music so overlayed with noise and distortion and you may think that sounds like a mess, but it works.

I’m not going to pretend this isn’t an ugly album, because it is. But punk rock was never meant to be pretty.

Favorite song: Search and Destroy
The interesting history of Raw Power

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Cullen said...

To pull from End of the Century again, I love when they were talking to the guys about being Stooges fans. Dee Dee was like, "No one like the Stooges. So if you like them, you kind of had to hang out with the other guys who like them."

He was talking about how he met the other guys.

You know, you talked in your Chinese Democracy post about investing a piece of yourself in your music and this bit that Dee Dee talked about goes a long way toward explaining why you put a piece of yourself in your music. When you're young, music helps you find your identity. We kind of poke fun at that when we get older, but I think we forget how hard it is to find your identity. In fact, I think many of us forget that a lot of us only found it recently or are still trying to find it.

Guess I should stop picking on pop punk. But I won't.