Friday, November 14, 2008

30. Speedealer - Here Comes Death

Formerly known as REO Speedealer, until they had to stop that.

Part Clutch, part Pantera, completely offensive and brazen, throw beer in your face kind of music.

This album plays at a breakneck speed, throwing raw energy at you from start to finish, splitting your ears with vocals that make your throat ache just trying to match them. It’s not supposed to be listened in the comfort of your own home, either. Speedealer was made to be listened to in a car that’s missing a muffler and coated in gray primer paint, kicking gravel from under the tires on some forgotten dirt road in the middle of nowhere, playing Absinthe so loud that the sound still feels like last nights drinking binge in your head long after the last note has ended.

Favorite song: Absinthe (this is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. if you don't feel your adrenaline start pumping when that first kick hits, you are either dead or deaf)
Speedealer at allmusic

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