Saturday, November 15, 2008

35. Rush - Signals

I own every Rush album from the first to Signals. I would say I stopped liking them after that album, but the thing is, I don't think I ever really liked them. I appreciated their musicianship; I still think Neal Part is one hell of a drummer. I think I just found their music hard to follow, which one might thing strange considering I spent a large portion of my high school years listening to the likes of Yes and ELP. But I think Rush was more prog rock then they ever were, and prog rock is one genre I could never sink my teeth into. Bite down on, yes, but not thoroughly chew on.

I guess I'm hungry again.

Now I wonder now why the hell I have this Rush collection on vinyl and some on CD. My only explanation - and my explanation for almost every seemingly inexplicable record I own - is that I worked at both a record store and a radio station for many years and those jobs made me collect music I might not have otherwise spent money on.

That's not to say I think Rush is a bad band, or that I hate them. In fact, I sort of liked this album a little bit. Or maybe I just liked Subdivisions. Everyone I knew loved this song. Of course, being from the suburbs and having been bored suburban kids, we identified with it. words like "But the suburbs have no charms to soothe the restless dreams of youth" caught us where we lived, literally. Be cool or be cast out. Subdivisions hit me in much the same way Over The Edge hit me back in 1979. Except Matt Dillon is way hotter than Geddy Lee.

Favorite song: Subdivisions
History of Rush


Ken said...

saw Rush last year... awesome show. sure wish I saw them 20 years ago. Anyway, whenever I hear Geddy now all I can think of is this video -

Cullen said...

Rush is a fantastic live band. I saw them in the early '90s on their Counterparts tour.

That crappy band Candlebox opened for them and were pretty much booed off stage. They played maybe six songs and them Rush got on and played a killer set.

All that said, I kind of agree with you about them being hard to follow. Some of their music is very fun, some of it is just good musicianship. Sometimes I really dig 'em, sometimes I can take them or leave them. But I never don't like them.

Now, all that said, I definitely prefer Dream Theater.

Jim said...

"I think Rush was more prog rock then (Yes and ELP) ever were."

I wouldn't want to get into a whole progressive rock debate, but bands like Yes and ELP practically invented progressive rock. They are certainly among the first bands mentioned when the topic is brought up.

On the other hand, the typical argument for Rush is whether to include them in the progressive rock category, or heavy metal, or power rock trio.

Yes and ELP, for my money, are progressive rock. Rush, in the prog rock annals, is just a footnote.

michele said...

And here I was actually baiting you and cullen into a prog rock debate!

Cullen said...

In that case:

Yes and ELP practically invented progressive rock

Except that King Crimson was eating their lunch from the beginning. Robert Fripp is, for my money, the quintessential prog rock musician.

Timmer said...

I got to see their Hemispheres tour. At the time they were saying it would be the last time they did 2112 live. 13th row, center. My brain melted more that night than it ever did before or ever would again.

For me, RUSH will always be Caress of Steel and 2112. The other stuff is good, even great, but RUSH is one of those bands locked in a teenage summer place in my head.

Never ever ever ever ever ever pay to see them live outside during the day. The music is still good but you get ripped off because these guys know how to put on a light and projection show that is not to be missed.

And I never thought of them as prog. But to be honest, I never heard the term prog rock until I started reading Michele. I had to look it up. We didn't use that term where I grew up. King Crimson, ELP and Yes were called "Classical" rock because of the classical music influences.

And I guess if they're prog rock then Geneisis WITH Peter Gabriel should be in there too?