Friday, November 28, 2008

91. Anti Nowhere League - We Are...The League

I had this cassette for one reason and one reason only: So. Fucking. What.

You can judge a band’s true offensiveness by how your mother reacts when you hit “play” on the cassette tape in your car, thinking that you had something benign like Pink Floyd (your mother’s favorite band) in there but it was Anti Nowhere League and it was poised right at the point in So What where he snarls “Well I've fucked a sheep, And I've fucked a goat, I've had my cock right down its throat,” and your mom turns and looks at you and says “This is what paying for four years of Catholic school got me?” And she shakes her head and begs you to put The Wall back on.

Ok, but “ohhh I need a dirty woman” is ok, mom? Goat, woman, what’s the difference?

And just an aside, I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to say to someone: This is NOT a Metallica song.

Favorite song: Obviously, So What. I don't think I ever listened to any other song on this tape.
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