Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4. Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising

Most Hüsker Dü fans will point to Zen Arcade or Flip Your Wig as their favorite. In my eyes, New Day Rising was their absolute pinnacle. This album is pure brilliance from beginning to end. The songwriting, the music, the way it's all put together in such a tight, perfectly crafted package is beyond anything else they ever did. While the music may seem to be more melodic, more pop-influenced in comparison to Zen Arcade before it, what they give you here is about 40 minutes of catharsis. It’s a whole bunch of emotions and memories and fury and power packed into one perfect package. If you listen to this album right and feel what you are supposed to feel, the first three songs alone should wear you out emotionally and physically. And that’s before you even get to Celebrated Summer or 59 Times the Pain. If I had to make a personal top ten albums of all time list, New Day Rising would be right there.

Favorite song: Books About UFOs
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Cullen said...

New Day Rising the song is like Dadaism personified -- brilliant in its simplicity, but profound in its layers.

michele said...

That is my favorite comment on that song ever.

Ken said...

when you have tons of CDs... you always forget to dig some up. thanks for the reminder... put this cd next to the keys to the truck. if the coffee doesn't kick start the day, come 8am New Day Rising sure will :)