Tuesday, November 18, 2008

48. The Vandals - Peace Through Vandalism/When in Rome, Do as the Vandals

I was going to do When In Rome, Do As The Vandals, but because the only Vandals I really love is the stuff with Stevo, I decided to do this, which is a combo of their first album and first EP, and the only Vandals recordings with Stevo as the lead singer.

The songs pretty much cover the gamut, from being in a punk band to being a fly, from anarchy to Nazis, to being in Disneyland tripping on LSD.

Which reminds of a story that Todd told about being in Disneyland on LSD.

Anyhow, I really dig the old Vandals. Not that I didn't like the later stuff (mostly I enjoyed the Christmas album and Hitler Bad, Vandals Good), there was just something about the Stevo music that had an edge to it. Sure, it was all goofiness and weird fun, but there was a certain punk to it that disappeared later on.

Plus, this albums contains Rico, which is sort of an ode to California; a soft, acoustic bit that Todd used to sing to me on the phone when he lived in the Land of Sunshine and Perfectness.

That may or may not be sarcasm, depending on if you know anyone from California.

Favorite song: Rico
The Vandals at wiki

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