Tuesday, November 25, 2008

79. Bad Brains - I Against I

I was working in a record store and this semi-stupid guy I worked with said he was going to put on the new Bad Manners album for us to listen to and I was like, meh quirky ska, who needs it?

But what he put on was this album. I liked their previous stuff, especially Pay to Cum but I wasn't a huge fan.

I listened to the entirely of I Against I and I remember when it was over saying it was the music listening equivalent of multiple orgasms.

Later that night, I Against I was almost ruined for me when the semi-stupid guy had a little house party and to play nothing but the title song for about two hours straight. Finally, we got together, tied him up to a rain gutter in his backyard and someone threw the album in the pool.

Favorite song: I Against I
Answer Bad Brains' "idiotic call" to get them to play Obama's inauguration.


Ken said...

great album... wish I could have seen them play for this tour but they canceled the show by us.

can't believe I actually agreed to join that facebook group... but I had to show my support to the band!

justacoolcat said...

Have you heard I&I SUrvived? It's brilliant.

Woody said...

Easily the greatest punk band to ever grace the Earth (bear in mind that I'm a massive fan of Minor Threat and Blag Flag too).

So incredibly groundbreaking too: musically, racially, stylistically...

And they could actually PLAY THEIR FUCKING INSTRUMENTS!!!! Suck it Pistols!

This is indeed a stellar album, but any BB fan needs to pick up Black Dots. came out a couple years ago and it's allegedly their very first recording, done on a 4-track Portastudio at some dude's house. It KILLS!

Thanks, Michele, for giving em props.