Sunday, November 16, 2008

40. Supertramp - Breakfast in America

First, It is the duty of every person over the age of 40 to tell all the kiddies that these lyrics from the title song: "take a look at my girlfriend" were not written by Gym Class Heroes. You make those kids listen to THIS so they know. Because they need to know.

The year this album came out, my aunt took in a college exchange student from France and the words took on a new meaning. Well, the true meaning. Sometimes you just sing songs without really knowing what you're singing about, you just dig the tune. But then Fabrice told us what his expectations of America were. Imagine this in a French accent: "Beautiful blonde girls with big titties, everyone is rich! Girls let you look at their titties! I will fall in love with beautiful American girl and make her my wife and we will live in big house!"

Breakfast in America was pretty spot on about the view of America from abroad. The funny part is, my other aunt took in a female exchange student from France and Fabrice ended up making out with her all summer.

Favorite song: Breakfast in America
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muffy jorn said...

This is the one we listened to at lunch during high school many days as we drove off into the country with a car full of folks to smoke a joint. Much singing and laughing, then back for afternoon class. And Hostess Cupcakes.

Timmer said...

Love this album. Many an evening with my Sanheisers over my ears.

Best line: "Now some they do and some they don't, and some you just can't tell. 'n' some they will and some they won't, and some it's just as well."

Solonor Rasreth said...

I hated this album with white-hot intensity. I still can't stop myself from immediately shutting off the radio if "Take the Long Way Home" comes on the radio. I doubt that will ever change.

Theodore said...

Poor, poor Solonor. This is most worthy if only for the use of Klezmer in a rock/pop album. But I dig it for so much more.