Wednesday, November 19, 2008

56. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads

Nick Cave is one of those things in life that people either loathe with unbridled hatred or love with all their heart. I never met anyone who was "meh" about him. Me, I'm in the "love with all my heart" camp.

I was debating which Nick Cave album to do tonight; this or Boatman's Call. So I put Murder Ballads on (for the first time in a while) and as soon as his voice kicked in on Song of Joy, there was no turning it off. I remembered instantly what it is I love so much about this record, and Cave's music in general. There's so much involved here; you can't just listen to it as background music because it grabs you and pulls you in and there's no escaping it. It's dark and mysterious and morbid and dangerous. But it's melodic and captivating, too. Every song is a story, every note a masterpiece, every word full of passion. Listening to disturbing Henry Lee (feat. PJ Harvey) or the manic Curse of Millhaven or the chilling Kindess of Strangers, you are taken on a creepy ride of murdery and mayhem, but the ride becomes thrilling, because the haunting, beautiful music and Cave's voice weave these ballads and crazed stories together in an incredible tapestry of talent.

Also, if you have the chance to see Nick Cave live, do it. The words "stage presence" do not do justice to the ego this man brings onto the stage with him. He commands your attention and mesmerizes you into believing you are living the song with him.

Favorite song: Henry Lee
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Solonor Rasreth said...

Patti Smith and Warren Zevon had a baby, and they named him Nick Cave. (He's really much more than that, but that's what I hear in his voice every time.)

I must admit that he kinda passed me by (or vice versa), so I only started listening to him recently. But he's the buttered side of the toast, that's fer sure!

steelopus said...

Epic hair in that video. Wow.

Woody said...

I vividly remember sitting in my college library peering out the second story windows over the campus while listening to this in my headphones. I had just bought it that morning on a whim, and I must have sat there replaying it end to end for hours.

My mind was utterly blown.

Of course, none of my friends got it at all. Losers.