Wednesday, November 26, 2008

83. Eazy-E - Eazy-Duz-It

Eazy-Duz-It is such an awesome album. You've got Eazy E, Dr. Dre., Ice Cube and MC Ren all working together to lay down some pretty killer tracks.

Sometimes I feel kind of goofy cruising around the suburbs with this playing in the car, me and Todd acting all gangsta, shooting off lines like

you wanna rumble with us you can't hang
cause were something like a two man gang

Todd can pull off the gangsta thing. I can't. I can tell this by the way he laughs at me every time we play this CD.

Every time I listen to this I think that, while I dig Eazy and all, MC Ren is really what makes Eazy-Duz-It flow.

Favorite song: Ruthless Villain
Eazy at wiki

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