Friday, November 14, 2008

29. AC/DC - Back in Black

It's gotten to the point in my life where I can't tell one AC/DC song from another when they come on the radio. I have to wait til a few seconds into the song before I realize what it is I'm singing. It's like they have all melded into one giant song in my brain and there's no difference between Back in Black and For Those About to Rock, except for the cannons, but we won't get into that because that's another album.

Every time I hear You Shook Me All Night Long I am transported back to 1989, when my sister dragged me to some fundraiser thing that turned out to be a Ladies Night Out, and by Ladies Night Out I mean, male strippers. I hate male strippers. I hate their g-string and I hate their gyrating and I hate the pretense that they are all supposed to be straight and aren't really thinking about a hot guy while some about-to-have-a-stroke grandma is stuffing a dollar bill in their buttcrack. Anyhow, as I was sitting close to the bar, downing shots of vodka as fast as I could in the hopes that I would lapse into an alcohol coma and not have to witness the rest of this night, this one near naked dude comes out in this red satin robe and You Shook Me starts playing and he makes a beeline for me. As he gets closer, he's undoing his robe and lip syncing the words and when he gets to She told me to come but I was already there he was right in front of me and he takes his robe off and waves it over his head like a satin fucking lasso and gyrates his hips within two inches of my body and I close my eyes and swear on all that is holy in this world that I will never, ever purposely listen to AC/DC again.

Favorite song: Forced to choose, I'd take Have A Drink on Me
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Stacy said...

Well, I'm somewhat younger than you, and let's just say this album helped bring on puberty.

steelopus said...

Some of these are gonna be tough for me to read, because I am digesting them all through the eyes of a guitarist.
Sure, the Brian Johnson era hasn't been nearly as interesting as the Bon Scott years, but overall the music still rocks, and Angus has serious chops, especially live.

Solonor Rasreth said...

I totally hated AC/DC. It was (and maybe still is) crap.

However, when you're coming off a long day at work and "Back in Black" or "Highway to Hell" or "Dirty Deeds" (or insert AC/DC song here) comes on the radio, it's impossible not to crank it up to ears-bleed level and slam your head into the steering wheel.