Sunday, November 23, 2008

67. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

There are gonna be times in your life when you feel like kicking someone in the face with a steel toed boot. There are going to be days at work that could drive you to murder, road rage incidents that make you feel like you could overturn a Hummer with one flick of your wrist, arguments with a significant other that make you want to eat someone's soul.

That's what this album is for. Mouth For War, Walk, Fucking Hostile, This Love. Vulgar Display is about 50 minutes of pent up anger, frustration, hurt and rage ready to be unleashed by just pressing play. You put this on when no one is home, with the curtains closed and the door locked and the stereo cranked to 11. You play air guitar, you kick the couch, you scream til your throat is raw, you jump off the couch and use a broom as a mic stand and you purge yourself of every ounce of hatred that entered your soul in the past week. It's an exorcism. It's a cleansing.

Sure it was so much easier to jump around like that when you were younger. And maybe the hate came easier and the anger was closer to the surface. And maybe saying RE-SPECT. WALK. doesn't carry the same authority it did when you were young and drunk and hanging your car window*. But it still feels damn good, doesn't it?

*That was my sister, not me. I was 30 when this album came out. Already too old to hang out the car window. But I was driving.

Favorite song: This Love
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Cullen said...

Are you talking to me?

No way, punk.

This album is the shit. I almost put a post up about it (again) the other day. Perhaps when I get back from vacay.

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