Sunday, November 23, 2008

65. Mr. T Experience - Revenge Is Sweet, And So Are You

When I was young I had dreams of being a songwriter. We had a fake little band called Pond Scum and me and my sister and a couple of friends would write these amazing lyrics and and think about how much money we would make if we actually had a real band. That is, if any of us could play musical instruments. Then the fake band broke up when we had an argument about our fake direction. They wanted heavy handed songs about death and destruction. I wanted pop music cleverness. I wanted ironic poetry. I wanted to write songs that could make people smile at my turn of phrase, grin at my witty use of rhyme schemes, chuckle at my wry humor, yet, when the song is over, think well, that kind of hit me in the gut. But no one can do that, right.

Yes, someone can. Obviously, it's not me. (save the whales/save the whales/send your money in the mail/ is NOT clever). But there's Dr. Frank, of The Mr. T. Experience, and this album, for me, is the pinnacle of his songwriting. It's the album my 15 year old self wishes she wrote.

Revenge is Sweet is at once so sad (I Don't Need You Now) and so happy (She's Coming Over Tonight) that you don't exactly know what you feel when you hear the songs, all you know is that you do laugh or grin (Swiss Army Girlfriend) and you realize afterward that you were actually laughing or grinning (Lawnmower of Love) at yourself and the angst and tremor (When I Lost You) with which you pursued love (Our Love Will Last Forever and Ever).

It's hard describe this album as a whole. It combines all the great things about pop music with all the perfect things about punk. It's like doing the Lindy in a mosh pit. Everyone is going to look at you like you're nuts, but eventually they'll join in the fun.

Favorite song: And I Will Be With You
Dr. Frank's blog
Did you know that Dr. Frank also wrote a best selling book?

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