Thursday, November 13, 2008

21. Suicidal Tendencies - S/T

1983 was a weird year for me. It was awesome in that I did a lot of partying, but there were some life changing things going on over the course of the summer/fall/winter of this year that my head was a little messed up. I was 21. 21 Sounds so old sometimes, like you should be grown up and way over your teenage angst, but I learned that 21 is nowhere near being a real grown up and that angst never leaves you. Especially when you're listening to albums like this.

This album made me alternately feel like I wanted to either kill myself or slam a random stranger in the face with the bottom of my doc marten. I never did either, but I still have plenty of time and this album on vinyl.

Favorite song: I Saw Your Mommy (and I forgot how awesomely offensive this song is)
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Jim said...

I never followed Suicidal Tendancies. Didn't have that album. But had "Institutionalized" on a mixed tape and I wore the hell out of that song. said...

The lunchtime theme hour on the radio yesterday was "crazy." I totally wanted them to play "Institutionalized" but alas.

Cullen said...

My favorite track from this one is Possessed. When I was first leaning to play guitar I'd try and play that and I quickly learned that playing a simple lick over and over is actually a lot harder than you might first think.